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How can you PARTNER with the ministry of Twelve 5 Church?

You can play a role through supporting this young church plant in 3 ways:


Commit to regularly pray for the people, leadership and ministry of the church.


Commit to giving financially as a one time gift or on-going recurring donations.


Come be a part of what God is doing here.

Use your God given gifts for kingdom purposes.

How to give

Click the green "give" button below to sign-up or log into to give with debit or credit card.

You can also donate by check made out to Twelve 5 Church and mailed to; 

4926 Peachtree Ave., Jonesboro, AR 72405

Twelve 5 Church also relies on the support of OTHER more established GOSPEL CHURCHES.

How can your church partner with us?


1. Inform your congregation as to how to pray for us.

2. Have a class, small group or missional community regularly praying.

3. Leadership committing to intentionally pray.


1. Give a one time donation

2. Recurring donations ether monthly, quarterly or yearly.

3. Temporary staffing provision. (Supplement a salary for a season)

4. Provide for a specific need. (ie. equipment, necessities)


1. Send leadership to help with training and encouragement.

2. Send groups for a mission trip. (ie. VBS, outreach on ASU campus, door to door.)

3. Send people with specific gifts to help establish ministries.

4. Send and provide for summer interns.

If you or your church is interested in partnering with

Twelve 5 Church, please reach out to

Pastor Nathan Hargrave at

and find out details of current needs. 

Thank you!

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