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Nathan is the son of a Baptist preacher, he spent most of his childhood living right here in Jonesboro, before moving with his family to Florida where he spent the next 27 years.  It was there where God was molding and preparing Nathan for the work of the ministry. At the age of 17 the Holy Spirit awakened him and God granted him faith in Jesus Christ that led to repentance. He moved back here to Northeast Arkansas in 2016 with his wife Erika and their four kids Delaney, JD, Lorelei, and Joanna.




Jeremiah was born and raised right here in Jonesboro, he attended Westside High School and graduated from Arkansas State University. He has been in ministry for five years. His love for God,theology, apologetics and people are evident as he teaches the saints.  He and his wife Ali have been married since 2015, and she has continually been his number one supporter in ministry.

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did the name

Twelve 5 Church

come from?


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